The Grivec Bros. Denim Repair Service

‘Dry-till-you-die’ is the philosophy behind the repair service of Roger & Marcel Grivec: twin brothers, dedicated dry denim affi cionados and owners of the Grivec Bros. jeans brand. In 1989 the 18 year old twins took over Jeans Paleis, the authentic jeans store from their parents, in Chevremont in the very southern part of the Netherlands. “In selling an unwashed product that gets only better with age and wear, it was just a logical step for us to offer expert repair service as well. So we learned everything we needed to know about fi xing a pair of jeans and became highly specialized in repair techniques. Like ‘darning’ which provides a very subtle look and is a less noticeable repair. Or the more visible ‘patching’ repair which uses cloth on the inside for reinforcement. We also do ‘Boro’ repair, the name comes from the age old Japanese art of mending textiles and is literally translated as rags or scraps of cloth. In this very visible repair, the backside and front-side patching breaks up the indigo and adds more texture to the fade. For prolonging the life of your favorite pair of jeans we use:

1 Pfaff 138-6 (40’s), 2 Singer 47W70 (50’s)
1 Union Special 43200G (40’s)
1 Union Special 43200G Chainstitch (80’s)
1 Dürkopp 212-105 (70’s)
1 Dürkopp 380-585 (70’s)

and a bunch of other sewing machines.

Darning repair

Darning repair is the almost invisible repair of the holes in your denim by using needle and thread alone.

tear 0 cm – 2,5 cm: € 7,00
tear 2,5 cm – 5 cm: € 15,00
tear 5 cm – 10 cm: € 25,00
tear 10 cm – 15 cm: € 30,00
tear 15 cm – 30 cm: € 45,00

Patching repair

Patching repair is the more visible repair of the holes in your denim with a patch reinforcement and zigzag stitch.

tear 0 cm – 2,5 cm: € 5,00
tear 2,5 cm – 5 cm: € 10,00
tear 5 cm – 10 cm: € 20,00
tear 10 cm – 15 cm: € 30,00
tear 15 cm – 30 cm: € 40,00

Boro repair

Boro repair is extra visible needle & patchwork

tear 0 cm – 2,5 cm: € 5,00
tear 2,5 cm – 5 cm: € 10,00
tear 5 cm – 10 cm: € 20,00
tear 10 cm – 15 cm: € 30,00
tear 15 cm – 30 cm: € 40,00


Hemming is shortening the length of the legs and restitching them, so they will be tailor fitted to your specific length.

Chainstitch Hemming: € 20,00


We also offer tailor made alterations on all jeans brands. Next to this we offer the following free repair services on Grivec Bros. jeans: length shortening, button / rivet replacement and loop fastening. For alterations or complimentary service you do have to visit our shop and bring your jeans along.

Send us your damaged jeans:

  1. Please wash your jeans before sending them to us, we will politely refuse any jeans that are not reasonably clean.
  2. Print & fill out the repair sheet:
    * Use the drawing on the last page to mark the position of the hole.
    * Make your choice for the kind of repair on the same page.
    * Make sure to fi ll out your name, address and e-mail (write clearly).
  3. Package and send your jeans to:
    Grivec Bros. Sint Pieterstraat 63 6463 CS Chevremont Netherlands
  4. We will contact you by email with a quote for your repair.
  5. As soon as we get the “go ahead” from you, we will start working on your jeans.
  6. Get your jeans back ready to wear!
    We will send the repaired jeans by POST NL and email you the copy of the POST NL track-and-trace note.
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