Denham x Grivec Bros - How we met

Denham x Grivec Bros - How we met

It is 2002. Marcel and Roger Grivec aka Grivec Bros own one of the largest denim stores in the south of the Netherlands. It is already then that they favor the denim brand Blue Blood, owned and designed by Jason Denham. They meet Jason in Amsterdam, and a friendship is born. 

It is 2009. A magical year. It starts painful when the worldwide renown denim Artisan Jason Denham hits Roger Grivec on the head with a pair of scissors... Nevertheless their friendship still is a fact up to date.

Back in 2009, the Grivec Brothers visited DENHAM’s sewing academy and learned how to sew a pair of jeans under the tutorship of Jason Denham. Now, more than a decade later, the brothers' side project has turned into a full-scale production atelier.

Next to their friendship, Jason Denham and Marcel & Roger Grivec share a deep passion for denim. Their friendship evolves in about the coolest collab that denim lovers can dream of: the Razor Jeans, handmade on Dutch soil, honouring original denim manufacturing techniques and craftmanship.

Click hear to read about the Denham x Grivec Bros collaboration project 2021.

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