We take craftmanship very serious. Very, very serious. We use machines that are more than 60 years old. We do not compromise on the quality of materials. In fact, we use the highest standards you will find worldwide. We want to guarantee the utmost for our products, and thus, we created our own atelier in our store in the South of the Netherlands, Chevremont.

Local craftmanship

Since the opening of our expanded atelier in Chevremont, we’ve been proudly and passionately handcrafting our jeans locally. With that, we’ve brought denim back home. Home, to the former coal-mining community. Home, to the place that sparkled our passion for denim the day we were born.

Entering our store/atelier, you immediately sense that feeling. That good old sense of belonging and tradition, provoked by the sounds of proper sewing machines, laughter and human bonding. It’s a feeling that is hard to shake off. One that makes you smile from the inside out.

We work with colleagues that are just as crazy as we are. Crazy in life, yes. But also crazy for quality production. Our jeans are designed together with our team. The risk was that working with such perfectionists results in quite a lengthy process. Most of our models took us more than a year...

Our passion resulted in one of the coolest collaborations: Denham x Grivec Bros. We produced their limited edition Razor Jeans, which was a huge success. Again, we took nothing for granted. We can only live with something we can be proud of.

Machines that are more than 60 years old

We believe in imperfect perfection. Meaning, that we love the authentic vibe and look you can only get with machines that you can hardly find nowadays. Agreed, again this is quite an extreme choice we took, but one that we never regret. 

For the last forty-so years, this jeans store in Chevremont has been the actual home of the Grivec brothers. The steady rock in our ocean that never shied away from giving us stability, whilst learning the art of crafting and selling jeans up to building our very own jeans brand. It's the place that keeps the hearts of the brothers beating – as well as the heart of Chevremont.

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