Care & Repair

Care & Repair Grivec Bros.

Care & Repair

Our jeans are built to last, but also made to be worn. Intensively. Courageously. Passionately. Which is why they come with a lifelong Care & Repair guarantee (C&R). So that in case your jeans do get worn out or damaged, we will expertly repair them for you.

Why do we offer C&R guarantee?

No pair of jeans is unbreakable. Not even ours, despite being expertly crafted from ultra-durable, shuttle loom woven, 14-ounce raw denim. Depending on how you live your life in our jeans, the fabric will eventually get thinner or get a scratch or two. That is OK. It means that you and your jeans are having a great time. We don’t want you to worry about that. In fact, we want you to know that whatever happens to your jeans, we are here for you. Because we’ve made a promise to you. A promise of a product that lasts longer because it is sustainably built to last. Let us fulfil our craftsmanship-duty for you, and be there for your jeans when it happens – if it ever happens.

What is our C&R service?

Imagine a lion with a scar on his face. It is the image of bravery. Of being respected and desired because you came and conquered. We believe that jeans with beautifully repaired scratches convey the same image of bravery, of unconquerability, of desirability. And that you should definitely send your jeans to us as soon as you feel they need expert care. Once we’ve received your jeans, we will have a closer look at them. Your jeans will tell us what kind of expert Care and Repair they need. Intuitively, creatively and by using our craftsmen techniques, we’ll bring your jeans back to life. So that you’ll get your jeans back exactly as you send them to us, but reanimated and ready for new adventures.

When do I send my jeans in for Care & Repair?

As soon as you feel your jeans are about to break, or have recently broken, please fill out this form and send it, together with your freshly washed jeans, to our atelier. We’ll take care of the rest for you.

How long will it take?

Nobody wants to be without their favourite jeans for long – we know the feeling. Having said that, we’re craftsmen with just two hands and we like to do our jobs with the utmost care and attention. Therefore, from the moment we receive your jeans, it can take up to 3 weeks to repair them for you.

Where are the jeans being repaired?

Your jeans will be repaired by us, the same craftsmen that have made your jeans, in our atelier in Chevremont (NL).

Other repair questions?

Please send us an email to

Innovating our C&R service

We’re developing our C&R service and soon, there will be some innovative changes. Would you like to be kept up to date? Please send us an email to

How to send us your damaged GB-jeans

Please wash your GB-jeans before sending them to us, as we will politely refuse any jeans that are not reasonably clean. Download, print & fill out the repair sheet:

  • Use the drawing on the last page to mark the position of the hole;
  • Make your choice of the repair type on the same page;
  • Make sure to fill out your name, address and e-mail address (write clearly).

Package and send your jeans to:

Grivec Bros.
Sint Pieterstraat 63
6463 CS Chevremont
The Netherlands

Quote by email

We will contact you by email with a quote for your repair. As soon as we get your 'go ahead', we'll start the process of repairing your damaged GB-jeans.

Track-and-trace by email

Get your jeans back ready to wear! We will send the repaired jeans by POST NL. As soon as they are dispatched, we will send you the copy of the POST NL track-and-trace note by email.