Our jeans are built to last, but also made to be worn. Intensively. Courageously. Passionately. Which is why they come with a lifelong guarantee. So that in case your jeans do get worn out or hurt along the way, our craftsmen will carefully repair them.


How to send us your damaged GB-jeans

  1. Please wash your GB-jeans before sending them to us, as we will politely refuse any jeans that are not reasonably clean.
  2. Download*, print & fill out the repair sheet:
    - Use the drawing on the last page to mark the position of the hole;
    - Make your choice of the repair type on the same page;
    - Make sure to fill out your name, address and e-mail address (write clearly).

  3. Package and send your jeans to:

    Grivec Bros.
    Sint Pieterstraat 63
    6463 CS Chevremont
    The Netherlands

  4. We will contact you by email with a quote for your repair.
  5. As soon as we get your 'go ahead', we'll start the process of repairing your damaged GB-jeans.

  6. Get your jeans back -- ready to wear!
    We will send the repaired jeans by POST NL. As soon as they are dispatched, we will send you the copy of the POST NL track-and-trace note by email.

    *Download the repair sheet by clicking on this link.