Things in life that are becoming better with age

Things in life that are becoming better with age

Things in life that are becoming better with age

We’re suckers for things in life that are becoming more beautiful with time. Our main passion, and business, is creating unwashed pairs of handmade jeans in our atelier. The fact that they’re made with untreated fabric, hence unwashed, means that you will have to wear your pair from scratch. So, when you’re slipping in your new fresh pair, your will start your denim journey. The journey of creating naturally your ultimate pair of jeans. Your jeans will be more comfortable each day as they will mold your own body. The fabric will soften, and your lifestyle will reflect in the jeans. Your daily behavior is giving your jeans more character with the scars, rips, and fades. To witness this process is something magical to us.

Aged Cool Pete (1,5 years old)

The taste of old things

Not only denim will be better with age and showing character over time. There’re more things in life with these characteristics. Think of a good bottle of French wine for example. The maturation of the process is key, the same as a good piece of old cheese. You can’t compare the taste of young cheese with a fine-aged one. They have a full rich flavor, better said character. And, we love cheese as we’re based in The Netherlands, you remember?

Each wrinkle tells a story

Take a look at humans, most of the time when people age, they are getting a more interesting look. You could say that each wrinkle tells a story, and makes the person more interesting. And, not to forget, leather. A good pair of handmade boots are the most pleasant to wear, but they also look the coolest. It’s the same as our natural leather patch on our jeans. We chose this type of leather because it ages together with your jeans. Over time the natural color will change slowly into a warm cognac. It’s impossible to replicate this process in a factory.

Aged Hower (2 years)

Skilled and years of experience

For years we also have a weak for handmade watches. Watches that you need to wind up by hand, or the so-called automatics from Swiss for example. They’re made, and can only be serviced, by people that are well trained and have years of experience. It’s something that is made for 100+ years but still runs like it was produced yesterday. The technique inside makes it special. Combine this with an aged case or sun-faded bezel, and you will have something unique. A true winner. And, it can stand the time if you’re treating it well.

Enthusiastic and energized

All these examples have in common that they share a story. We’re crazy about those stories. Each time we hear them we get enthusiastic, and we get energized by it, although it’s something that is already that old. It’s because they have character. The coolness that you can’t create or buy, they just have it.

Aged Bricker (1 year)

Craftsmanship is key

For us, it’s all about craftsmanship, quality, and character. And, yes, we embrace this! We live it! Nothing can beat these timeless products, authentic people, or insane architectural houses. It’s part of our lifestyle that we combine with denim. They go so perfectly hand in hand. 

Luckily our fanbase is growing each day. There are more and more people that are willing to pay a little bit extra for something special, something with a true and honest story.

Denim with character 

We’re very pleased with our growing Grivec Bros. family each day. We’re living our dream, our denim dream in our case. We’re so privileged that we can do what we love, living our ultimate ‘Dry till you die’ slogan. Each time we get thrilled when we see a customer with a pair of aged Grivec Bros. jeans that shows character because it’s worn for a few years. Those are the best things in life if you ask us.


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