Grivec Bros

Military GI Style Flyers Helmet Bag


This handmade bag is a one-off and made from reused vintage army wear and gear. People who closely follow our work know we have a massive love for vintage army garments. Also, there is a lot of wartime material still available and we think it's top-notch to reuse this in peacetime. We can't turn back the clock on wars... But we can make something positive from some of the remains.

We put two and two together and handmade some really cool GI Style Flyers Helmet Bags. You might ask "What are Helmet bags?". This style of bag provided flight helmet owners and maintainers a means to carry, store and protect their flight helmet. It also makes for a great overnight bag, or a carrying bag for other accessories and items. They are unisex and apart from a fresh YKK zipper 100% made from reused army garments and materials. The bags have outside pockets and on the inside there are two smaller pockets with zippers for your phone and/or keys.

Width and height are 47 cm.

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