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Bricker 14oz.


The Bricker style is the most relaxed fit in our denim collection. It's a loose tapered jeans style. The perfect fit for those who prefer a more comfortable, but authentic style. Whether you wear it with high turn-ups to show the selvedge ID, or without, you will always look cool with a nonchalant touch.

Its made with a dry (unwashed) 14oz selvedge redline fabric from the Japanese Kaihara denim mill. They’re one of the most respected denim mills since their start in 1893. Their fabrics age like no others as they’re woven on authentic shuttle looms.

This pair features all the iconic Grivec Bros details as the triangle stitching on the back pockets, back-tacked back pocket for extra strength, our antique 13 stars closure buttons, yellow bras top button with our blue Grivec Bros logo, and red brass rivets with on the back our logo. Next to that, it features, white heavy cotton inner pockets which are reinforced for extra durability, and it has a woven waist tag with our blue brand logo. 

The Bricker jeans is stitched with orange-colored thread for that one-of-a-kind look. On the back, the leather patch is embossed with our logo, made of natural leather. This type of leather will age nicely together with the jeans themselves. Each wear day this jeans will be more beautiful, and more unique.

As all Grivec Bros jeans, this Bricker pair is also wrapped in our unique mining launderette towel. It’s made in The Netherlands, just as the pair itself, but outsourced to reach the highest quality.

The Bricker is available in waist sizes from 28″ up to 38″, with a standard length in size 34″. We provide a hemming service to shorten your jeans with an original chain stitch.



28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Waist 40,5 41,75 43 44,25 45,5 46,75 48 50,2 53
Front rise 26,6 27,2 27,8 28,4 29 29,6 30,2 30,8 31,4
Upper thigh 31,35 31,95 32,55 33,15 33,75 34,35 34,95 36,15 37,35
Knee width 23,3 23,6 23,9 24,2 24,5 24,8 25,1 25,7 26,3
Leg opening 17,8 18,1 18,4 18,7 19 19,3 19,6 20,2 20,8
Inseam 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5 84,5
Grivec Bros. jeans are standard available in 34" length. All measurements are in cm.


The patch is made of natural vegetable tanned leather. This means that the leather is tanned without any chemicals, so on the most authentic and natural way. The leather of the patch refers to the childhood of the Grivec Bros. They went to high school everyday using a leather bag with the same typical embossed leather.


I’m Bricker. I was created in 2017 as a loose tapered jeans. I’m the one that lights the fire. Back in the old days, the coalminers carrying the coal bricks were called ‘Brickers’. It’s a name I carry with pride. In fact, you can see it when you look at me. As if they were little flames, stitches of orange and tobacco run through my denim. May that subtle detail remind you that wherever you take me, I will bring the potential for fire. 

Maker’s Memoir

“It took us 6 months to design Bricker. Just like our other jeans, he was created with a lot of love and passion. My favourite memory of Bricker dates back to 2017. We (Grivec Bros.) were asked to present at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Both Marcel and I wore a Bricker. Miraculously, in just a span of four weeks we sold all of our Brickers.” – Roger Grivec, Grivec Bros.

They get better with age

We’re suckers for things in life that are becoming more beautiful with time.

Our main passion, and business, is creating unwashed pairs of handmade jeans in our atelier. The fact that they’re made with untreated fabric, hence unwashed, means that you will have to wear your pair from scratch. So, when you’re slipping in your new fresh pair, your will start your denim journey. The journey of creating naturally your ultimate pair of jeans.

Your jeans will be more comfortable each day as they will mold your own body. The fabric will soften, and your lifestyle will reflect in the jeans. Your daily behavior is giving your jeans more character with the scars, rips, and fades.

To witness this process is something magical to us.

Customer Reviews

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Andre Thomas
Perfect fit

Perfect fit

tönnies bartesch

ich komm wieder; keine frage...

Marc Kandel
Eine Großartige Geschichte

Von bis zum offnen Ende finde ich alles in allem eine richtige großartig Performance. Next step kann ich nur sagen, persönlich vorbei fahren. Alles Vorort erleben.. danke EUCH BEIDEN !!!

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