Our 5 values

Craftsmanship, sustainability, glocal, freedom, inclusivity: like a song, our values sing to our hearts each and every day; letting us know which way to go, who to go with and how to go about doing it.


We’re always improving what we do
Creating clothes that are the sum of the best
The best fabrics, colours and fits
We experiment with every single detail
Stretch the boundaries of what’s possible
and take a thousand no’s for every yes
It’s all for the joy to wear
The joy to wear something that’s carefully crafted
Something that feels good and looks good
because it’s genuine craftsmanship


We are aware of the impact of our products on the planet
Which is why we commit to creating our products safely, carefully
and respectfully from quality sources and via the least harmful way
Products that will be with you whatever the circumstances,
wherever you are, whoever you are and whatever you do
Products that are better because they last longer
because we’ve sustainably built them to last


Wherever you are, we will be as close to you as possible
Wherever you go, that is where we will be
Because we think global, but we act local
Wherever you are, that is where we will be


We sew it into our products
The freedom we feel to make our own choices
To explore and express our authenticity
The freedom to show more of who we are
We want to be reminded of that on a daily basis
And recognized for it by those who share the same values
So that, together, we can form a bigger tribe
A bigger tribe, free to make its own choices


We make products for everyone
Typical products for atypical people
People who’ve remained unconquered
Who are in it together and who stick together no matter the challenges
And whoever feels left out, we will include
Because we are here for everyone