Jeans is jeans, right? If you believe that a car is a car, a watch is a watch, food is just food and there is nothing more special to say about it, then, the same goes for jeans. But if you can value beauty in life, and appreciate the endless efforts of craftmanship, then I hope you will appreciate Grivec Bros, and what we stand for.

My name is Marcel. My name is Roger. We are Grivec Bros. People often joke that our blood must be blue. We never understood the joke.. As long as we remember denim was part of our life. When we completely took over the jeans store of our parents at the age of 18, there was no doubt. Jeans was our passion, and it still is today. Until today we have worked closely with the most popular denim brands worldwide, and we do not regret one minute of it. It simply is what we are.

Over decades of experience this passion naturally resulted in our strongest ambition: designing and crafting our own jeans. A jeans with personality, for people with a personality. A jeans with a soul. It took us a few years of hard work, extreme "detaillism" and perfection, before our 3 iconic denim styles were finished. They reflect our passion, ambition and our story. But what is more important (and that's a promise): they will start telling your story.

So, back to the first question: our jeans is not just jeans. We only use the highest quality Japanese selvedge denim to start with. We only use the highest quality fabrics (14 oz. for our iconic jeans). Our stitching is 100% handmade which you rarely see anymore. There is no detail which we haven't developed over the last past years. Why we are so extreme in all details? Because our vision is that a beautiful world contains much blue in this world. With lots of jeans carrying stories, and personality.

They are jeans with a soul. Click here to Meet our jeans.

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  • Thomas

    Hey guys,
    Looks very good what you offer. Really I am happy that I found you.
    My question is about the shrinkage behaviour of your different raw Denim qualities.
    Can you provide some info to the Denims?
    Thanks in advance

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