The beauty of raw denim

Nothing beats a well-worn pair of jeans. We as Grivec Bros. embrace the aging process of jeans. The process when you wear a new raw pair of jeans from scratch to an authentic vintage look. This slow process is something magical.

A good pair of jeans is worn day in, day out by its wearer to achieve a personal and an-one-of-a-kind wear pattern. So, a pattern that is unique for that specific person. A pattern that is hard to replicate by a modern denim washing factory.

Authentic production process

Back in the day's denim fabrics were all woven on shuttle looms. These looms can only weave fabrics with a width of 28 to 30 inches. This creates a self-edge (selvedge) on both sides of the fabric. And, these fabrics were raw, so untreated.

This kind of fabric refers to how all jeans were made back in the days. They’re also known as unwashed or dry fabrics. With our Grivec Bros. brand, we use the same fabrics. Mostly from Japan as they’re known for their high-quality denim skills. These fabrics symbolize the good old denim days for us.

Start your own denim project

Nowadays most jeans are made without selvedge, and also without a raw fabric. Most people want to walk out of a denim store with a pair of jeans that looks like it’s already worn for 5 or 10 years. But, the true denim connoisseurs are going for the real deal. And, the real deal is to break in your own pair of jeans made from raw fabric. You’re starting your own denim project by slipping in the first time in your brand new Grivec Bros. jeans. The start of your denim journey…

Dry till you die

Our motto is ‘Dry till you die’. It's our slogan, but also our way of life. There’s nothing better, and more beautiful, than creating your own wear pattern. Denim is a living fabric, it will get better, softer, cooler with each wear day. It's like a good glass of wine, the older the better.

Raw denim is also a canvas, which reflects perfectly your lifestyle. All your behaviors are visible on your jeans in the end. It’s like a personal diary. Each scar and tear will give your jeans more personality, and they remind you also of a specific moment. It tells so many stories of your adventures. Your denim story!

The coolest pair ever seen

In the end, all of our jeans are having a different outcome as everyone is acting differently. This aging process can hardly be achieved with pre-washed (factory) jeans. It can only be achieved with blood, sweat, and tears. You can’t speed up this slow process. It takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. But, in the end, you will be rewarded with the coolest pair ever seen. And, it will be your most favorite pair too as it is shaped to your own body. There are no pre-washed jeans that will beat this look and feel!

Piece of art

We always love to hear the stories from our customers behind their worn-in jeans. We see them as artists, denim artists. For us, these pairs are pieces of art. They deserve a spot in a museum. And that’s exactly why we love raw denim so much. And, that’s also why ‘Dry till you die’ is our motto.

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  • Achim

    Hi, amazing Story, great looking Jeans! I m a big fan of Japanese denim and dry till you die is the way to go. Only issue is the size i m not sure about 38, might be a bit tight for me. You have the Atelier, is it possible to do alterations? Of course I would pay for it I m in Cologne, so only an hour drive. Looking forward hearing from you Best regards Achim

  • guido pans

    Hi – I’m looking to buy a cool pete jeans, but trying to understand the sizing at the waist. Can you please clarify (1) if your waist sizing is accurate and (2) how much stretch or shrinkage I should expect? Thanks, Guido

  • Rob


    Are your bricker jeans shrink to fit or do they shrink any the first time you wash them? Thanks.

    Kind regards,


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