Since the opening of our expanded atelier in Chevremont, we’ve been proudly and passionately handcrafting our jeans locally. With that, we’ve brought denim back home. Home, to the former coal-mining community. Home, to the place that sparkled our passion for denim the day we were born.

Where the southern hills of the Netherlands touch the curves of Germany, right on the plateau of Kerkrade overlooking its coal-mining past, one stumbles upon the tiny neighbourhood of Chevremont. Squeezed into Chevremont its sharpest street corner, there is - what appears to be - a very normal jeans store, where very normal jeans-makers, sell very normal jeans to very normal people. At least, that is what those who’ve never been inside think.

But those who have been inside, know that these four walls hold something inexplicable. It’s a feeling. That good old sense of belonging and tradition, provoked by the sounds of proper sewing machines, laughter and human bonding through the exchange of something as frivolous though as personal and existential as clothing. It’s a feeling that is hard to shake off. One that makes you smile from the inside out.

Inside this bright and airy store that oozes character, there is a jeans-atelier. And in this atelier, a team of local craftsmen seem to joyfully thrive on the rhythmic sounds of old Singers and Durrkops, whilst transforming the Japanese selvedge denim into actual jeans. There are not just craftsmen sitting in this atelier, though. Customers are also welcomed into this open kitchen. Curiously and patiently, they observe how their jeans are being customised or brought back to life.

For the last forty-so years, this jeans store in Chevremont has been the actual home of the Grivec brothers. The steady rock in their ocean that never shied away from giving them stability, whilst learning the art of crafting and selling jeans up to building their very own jeans brand. It's the place that keeps the hearts of the brothers beating – as well as the heart of Chevremont.


We’re always improving what we do

Creating clothes that are the sum of the best

The best fabrics, colours and fits

We experiment with every single detail

Stretch the boundaries of what’s possible

and take a thousand no’s for every yes

It’s all for the joy to wear

The joy to wear something that’s carefully crafted

Something that feels good and looks good

because it’s genuine craftsmanship

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