Grivec Bros

Locker Japanese Chambray

Passform: Basierend auf klassischer Chino mit tapered legs Dreiecksstich auf der Gesäßtasche Fisheye-Knopfverschluss Chambray-Futter am Bund Mittelanhänger Grivec Bros. Taillenetikett Schräge Vordertaschen Spezielle Gürtelschlaufen Oberes Blockmuster ausschneiden und nähen Knopfverschluss Produziert in Italien

I’m Locker. Grivec’s youngest family member. Born in 2018 as a chino, I was meant to be the different one. The individualist. They’ve made me not from one, but from two fabrics: Japanese chambray and Italian garment dyed fabric. I’m a relaxed fit. In Chevremontian dialect my name means, “Easy”, as in “Take it easy”. I take life, and myself, easy. With the name Locker, it might not come as a surprise that I’ve got big back pockets. Just like the small cabins in which the coalminers would store their belongings, I’ll hold onto all of your precious things.

Maker’s Memoir

 “I will never forget the memorable trip Grivec Bros. made to Italy in 2017. We went to see the first sample of Locker in. Not only that. During our stay we enjoyed great Italian food, music and we visited a proper winehouse (from which we brought back about 12 boxes of wine). Now I think about it: that trip’s dolce far niente - sweetness of doing nothing – is what I see when I look at Locker.” – Roger Grivec, Grivec Bros.

Customer Reviews

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These jeans are so comfy

I don't like raw denim. Sue me! But these Chino's are so comfy... I just love the design, fit and the chambray is awesome. Worth ever single euro :-)

My wife’s favorite 🤩

Do I need to say more?!

Awesome jeans

Great fabric (heavy chambray) and craftsmanship. Must have.

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