50 Years Jubilee – Grivec Bros Special

50 Years Jubilee – Grivec Bros Special

It is September 4th 1971. Twin brothers Marcel en Roger Grivec enlighten the face of the earth…

50 years later we celebrated the anniversary of the Grivec Bros, that started their own jeans brand after decades of experience and passion for denim. We look back at this special day, with some special limited jubilee edition jeans, and above all the most special guests that celebrated with us: our valued customers.

Enjoy looking back on this special day!

4 September 2021
08.00 AM

Sandra Grivec (wife of Marcel Grivec) has planned some nice surprise party with a couple of friends of the Grivec Bros. This morning she tells Marcel that she goes to the store to shop some groceries and after that will join him to open the Grivec Bros store in Chevremont (that opens at 11 AM).

This same morning Nora Kappes, fiancée of Roger Grivec, and part of the complot, tells Roger she is going to iron his clothing and after that they will go to the store. Roger notices that ironing a t-shirt has never taken that long, it seemed like ages… Besides Nora never irons my clothing…?

10.00 AM

Marcel Grivec, after he went for a bicycle ride, arrives back home but sees that his wife Sandra is not home yet. As time passes by, he gets a bit impatient and starts to call Sandra to find out what time she will arrive home.

At this time Roger’s girlfriend Nora is still ironing his t-shirt…

10.40 AM

Marcel gets nervous and a bit irritated that Sandra is still gone, and decides to go to the Grivec Bros store without her.

Around the same time Nora finishes ironing Roger’s t-shirt, and they leave to the store as well.

10.45 AM

Marcel drives to the store. When he enters the street, he sees a truck parking in front of the store. He sees a barbecue, a bar, and some of his best friends walking with a barrel of beer. He gets confused and wants to mess with his friends by driving home again. Then he sees his wife Sandra who waves and tells him to get into the store.

Roger and Nora arrive at the same time. Roger is wearing an ironed shirt for the first time.

The party begins…!

11.00 AM – 23.00 PM

A golden day, lots of fun, many warm congratulations, great food and here some special thanks to some special friends:

Jason Denham (Owner Denham Jeans), Palle Stenberg (Co-owner Nudie Jeans), Christian Lataster (Director Goldwell) and loyal customer Jos Verstappen for their warm words and congratulations.

Dion Schneider (Alderman Kerkrade), Dennis Ohlen (Liof), Frans Voncken (Bakery Voncken), Roger Lataster (Stand Up Comedian) for their speeches, showtime and delicious pastry.

All of our friends for being partners in crime in organizing this great day, which has been greatly appreciated by the twin brothers.

Some special gift from the Grivec Bros for their customers

On this day Grivec Bros launched the limited jubilee edition Locker. It was great to notice the enthusiasm of our customers and seeing the success of this very special edition.

We end by inviting you to stay in touch, and walk the road with us for 50 more years to come.

Your Journey, Our Jeans.

Grivec Bros.

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