We are more than proud to follow up on the huge success of last years' cooperation with our friends at Denham, resulting in a special Razor Jeans that was sold out in no time. On August 18th 2022, make sure you do not miss the boat when the limited edition Razor jeans, handmade by Grivec Bros in our atelier in Chevremont, is launched by Denham. For this limited-edition, each item is numbered, and no pair of jeans are the same. 

Quote Denham:

"This season we wanted to focus our attention on authenticity, and what is more authentic to the original blue jeans than Americana? Americana is denim authenticity since the Gold Rush in the 1850s and the birth of denim. We wanted to return to original selvedge denim weaving, so we sought out the most authentic, exclusive American shuttle looms from the Cone Denim White Oak manufacturer.

Quintessentially American, these cotton looms were the foundation upon which the US denim industry grew from. Carefully restored to working order, these museum-grade looms have been brought back to working order once more to weave beautiful, authentic indigo selvedge denim. We are obsessed with the 14oz original, virgin American selvedge denim exclusively produced on these looms. After testing it and wearing it in, we saw that denim fabric gets better daily with wear and ordered some to bring back to Europe.

Together with the Grivec Bros., who share our love, passion and dedication for jean making, we created a special pair of RAZOR Jeans using this denim. Handmade by local jeanmakers, these jeans are crafted using authentic American sewing machines, like Singer & Union Specials. Like us, Rogier and Marcel from the Grivec Bros. are fanatics for adopting original denim construction methods. Part 2 of our collaboration goes deeper into the original blue jeans spirit and captures the workmanship of the Americana story.

We always say that the ‘Truth is in the Details’, which is why when you turn the jeans inside out, you can see the story behind them stitched into the pocket bag lining. Continuing the original tradition of denim making, these raw selvedge jeans will only become more stunning with wear and time."


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