Denham x Grivec Bros. A dream collab for denim lovers.

Denham x Grivec Bros. A dream collab for denim lovers.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with one of the most respectable denim brands worldwide: DENHAM.

The collaboration stems from the brothers Grivec, and Jason Denham shared love for all things denim. After meeting 2002, the brothers visited DENHAM's sewing academy in Fall 2009. There under Denham's tutorship, they learned how to sew a pair of jeans - the same way Denham learned while studying at fashion school in the UK. The Grivec Bros. went on to create their own collection of premium denim, solidifying their mutual interest in dry denim.

The result of the collaboration between two jeanmakers, handmade on Dutch soil: The DENHAM x Grivec Bros. RAZOR jeans.
Made from limited-edition VIRGIN SELVEDGE Candiani Denim. Worn In, Never Worn Out.

Produced following original denim manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship, the DENHAM x Grivec Bros. RAZOR jeans celebrate their shared love of authentic dry denim. Cut from premium, selvedge dry denim made with BCI Cotton, each pair of the limited-edition jeans contains authentic design details, such as felled seams, chain stitch hems and in-set belt loops.

As every single pair of the DENHAM x Grivec Bros. RAZOR jeans was made by hand in The Netherlands, it took the team three months to produce the 200-piece collection.

Each pair of the jeans bears a unique DENHAM x Grivec Bros. limited edition stamp on the right side of the pocket interior, with a hand signature from Jason Denham, Roger and Marcel Grivec. On the left of the pocket lining, made natural ecru cotton drill there is a special wear calendar, to record the wear pattern for up four years.

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