GB Ambassadors: Mirko Vitalini

GB Ambassadors: Mirko Vitalini


Mirko Vitalini

Mirko is an Italian craftsman who loves his job. As a chemist specialised in crafting quality leathers, he travels around the world helping his customers to reduce waste and resources. His philosophy is to improve the quality leathers, whilst respecting people and the planet.

It is clear that Mirko’s work philosophy doesn’t stop at his job. It’s who he is. In his daily life, Mirko invests in products made with care; which might be a bit more expensive to buy, but since he uses them for a long time, he believes that in the end they will cost him less and their impact on the planet will be less harmful than cheap and fast-consumed goods.

And so, when you meet Mirko, you’ll see he wears leather shoes because they are not only comfortable, they also last longer than plastic or textile shoes. When you see him in the kitchen, he’ll be cooking with only quality ingredients that are produced in fair circumstances and from recognised sources, as he wants to be sure the animals have had a good life.

When it comes to clothes, Mirko wants to be sure that everything he wears is made from genuine materials and traditionally hand-crafted. For years now, he is the owner of 1 pair of Grivec-jeans and 1 pair of Grivec-chinos. Just like his job and his passion, he knows they will take him around the world. –

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