Meet Fabian, artist and friend of Grivec Bros.

Meet Fabian, artist and friend of Grivec Bros.

October 2017. Both Fabian von Speckelsen and Grivec Bros Marcel and Roger are artisans at the Dutch Design Week. They meet, talk and what follows is a great friendship since that moment.

Fabian's excellent taste for design and quality results in him starting to wear Grivec Bros jeans...

"I am a German artist based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Already as a kid I had a deep fascination for nature handed down from my father: as biologist he guided me to the discovery of the enchanting world of living organism.

Since then, the relation and interaction between a constructed surrounding and the just uncultivated nature drives my interest."



 (Fabian at work wearing nothing less than our Cool Pete jeans)

 "I am fascinated by the ties between us humans and the natural structures around and I interpret in my work continuously nature as powerful asking for respect rather than asking for protection.

This results in a work drawing the power lines of flora and fauna into abstract geometries with both strength and beauty of wildlife in its simplest form, sometimes abstracted to the edge of recognition. The lines in my work are clear-cut and simplified, my hand-crafted approach creates unique pieces with a specific personality, the diversity of my works reflects the variety in nature. I aim for a fine balance between arithmetic designer, working craftsman and environmentally engaged artist."

 (Fabian's Cool Pete after being worn for 2 years)

How good our friendship has evolved since we first met, is a great honor to us. A nice to know fact: Fabian was the first buyer of our "Support your locals - keep your pants up" campaign during the first Covid lockdown in the Netherlands.


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