Meet Markus, Head of Compliance - Adidas, friend of Grivec Bros

Meet Markus, Head of Compliance - Adidas, friend of Grivec Bros

Today we want to introduce you to Markus Kürten (actually Dr. Markus Kürten – noted by the Grivec Bros when searching him out ;-), Head of Compliance at Adidas. Markus is not only a brilliant and very likable person, we noticed he also has an excellent taste for clothing…

Markus, can you shortly introduce yourself?”

Sure thing and happy to introduce myself. My name is Markus, I’m 45 and live in the south of Germany. I originally hail from Cologne (the city where my heart still lies) where I wnt to uni and studied law. I am working as a lawyer for adidas since 15 years and recently picked up the role to lead adidas’ compliance department. In that role I can promote and fight for fairness and stand up to values of diversity and inclusion.

I love doing sports and being outside. Most of the time I will do functional strength training in our company gym and go running outside. I commute to work with my trusted Van Moof (Dutch) bicycle. Next to sports I enjoy reading comics, getting tattoos :-) and watching movies. All of this helps me keeping a good work-life balance.

“How did you get connected to the Grivec Bros?”

My first look at the brothers’ awesome products was in an edition of Heritage Post magazine dedicated to denim. I instantly not only loved the look of the jeans (and knew I wanted a pair) but was also intrigued by the great story of the Grivecs. How much love and dedication to their dream the twins had was captivating me.

Shortly after I ordered my first pair of denims in March 2020: The Hower including the light brown service belt (big recommendation). I stepped in and – for lack of a better word – felt at “home” and cozy. As with any home that’s new you need to make yourself comfortable first which I did by daily wear including my cycling commute to work.

“From customer to friend”

I shared my experiences and some pics with the brothers and by now (even fully virtually thanks to the pandemic) we are in touch. I can only say that they are lovely chaps and that makes me even more conscious and treasure what I wear of their products. My latest edition is the moss green sweater with hood that I absolutely dig for it’s unique design. Of course all this comes with the wish to be supporting passionately lead shops and I could not think of a better investment than long lasting, never out of fashion, Grivec items.

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