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Hower 14oz.

Slim tapered jeans| Handgefertigte Jeans | Erhältlich in Taillengrößen von 28 "bis 38" | Standard erhältlich in Längengröße 34 ″ | 14oz. Japanischer Indigo Selvedge Denim | Nähte in Gelb und Tabak |Hosentaschennähten in Tabak| Backpocket "Dreieck" Signaturstich | zusätzliche verstärkte Gesäßtaschen | Gemasertes Lederpatch mit Grivec Bros. Logo | Gelber Messingknopf mit blauem Grivec Bros. Logo | Antike 13-Sternige Fly-Knöpfe aus rotem und gelbem Messing | Nieten aus rotem Messing mit verstecktem Grivec Bros.-Logo | Verstärkte robuste Innentaschen aus weißer Baumwolle | Gewebtes Etikett mit blauem Grivec Bros. Logo | Wird geliefert in einem blau-weißen Pungel.

I’m Hower, Cool Pete’s younger brother. I was named after the coalmining job of Jozef Grivec, Grivec brothers’ grandfather. He was a ‘hower’. That’s Chevremontian for: the person that digs away the first layer of coal. Jozef was a strong man. Not just from the outside, also from the inside. He left his home country of Slovenia, to provide his family with a better life. Look at me, and see how well that decision has turned out. Apart from my innate strength, I am the first and only slim fit tapered jeans of Grivec Bros. I like to believe that, due to my smaller fit, I’m the most sophisticated and elegant one of my family.

Maker’s Memoir

 “We created Hower in 2016. It took us two years to design Hower. Being our first slim fit tapered model, he practically sold himself. People immediately liked his (smaller) fit. My most precious moment with Hower was when a woman dear to my heart, 80 years old she was - a local legend - had read about our shop in the newspaper. She’d come over to visit us and found herself taken on a trip to memory lane to the early days of her family business. The moment she tried on Hower, she knew it: he’d conquered her heart.” – Marcel Grivec, Grivec Bros.


We’re suckers for things in life that are becoming more beautiful with time. Our main passion, and business, is creating unwashed pairs of handmade jeans in our atelier. The fact that they’re made with untreated fabric, hence unwashed, means that you will have to wear your pair from scratch. So, when you’re slipping in your new fresh pair, your will start your denim journey. The journey of creating naturally your ultimate pair of jeans. Your jeans will be more comfortable each day as they will mold your own body. The fabric will soften, and your lifestyle will reflect in the jeans. Your daily behavior is giving your jeans more character with the scars, rips, and fades. To witness this process is something magical to us.

Customer Reviews

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Yvo Janssen
Awesome service, perfect jeans

I have found Grivec in my search for Japanese denim. The design, the fit and details makes the jeans unique. Great service and advice of the cheerful Grivec bros.

Ben Patelski
The best by far

I bought a lot of jeans during my life, but this one, the Hower 14oz. by Grivec Bros, is the best by far.

Ik heb in mijn leven al veel jeans gekocht, maar deze, de Hower 14oz. van Grivec Bros, is met gemak de allerbeste.

Patrick Jurgen
My first Hower

feels good, nice model. color is very beautiful. fits perfectly. Top

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