Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch
Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch
Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch
Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch
Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch
Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch

Hower Black Black- 13oz. Japanese Red Selvedge Comfort Stretch

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The Hower jeans is the slimmest family member in our denim collection as its a slim fit with tapered legs. This version is made with a black fabric. The outcome is a jeans that is super comfortable as the fabric is stretch comfort. The 13oz selvedge fabric features a redline ID. We recommend washing the jeans with a cold machine program or to wash them by hand so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

The Hower is perfect to wear with sneakers, fancy or classic pairs of footwear. Suitable for each occasion and style!

The Hower features all the iconic Grivec Bros details as the triangle stitching on the back pockets, back-tacked back pocket for extra strength, our antique 13 stars closure buttons, black top button with our black Grivec Bros logo, and black brass rivets with on the back our logo. Next to that, it features, white heavy cotton inner pockets which are reinforced for extra durability, and it has a woven waist tag with our blue brand logo. 

The jeans is a ton sur ton black colored thread. On the back, the thick Black leather patch is embossed with our logo, made of natural leather. This type of leather will age nicely together with the jeans themselves. With each wear day, this jeans will be more beautiful, and more unique, just like yourself.

As all our Grivec Bros jeans, this pair is also wrapped in our unique mining launderette towel. It refers to the mining period where our denim legacy started. The towel is made in The Netherlands, just as the pair itself, but outsourced to reach the highest quality.

The Hower is available in waist sizes from 28″ up to 38″, with a standard length in size 32" and 34″. We provide a hemming service to shorten your jeans with an original chain stitch.

The patch is made of natural vegetable tanned leather. This means that the leather is tanned without any chemicals, so on the most authentic and natural way. The leather of the patch refers to the childhood of the Grivec Bros. They went to high school everyday using a leather bag with the same typical embossed leather.


28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38
Waist 39,5 40,75 42 43,3 44,5 45,8 47 49,5 52
Front rise 25,1 25,7 26,3 26,9 27,5 28,1 28,7 29,3 29,9
Back rise 36,6 37,2 37,8 38,4 39 39,6 40,2 40,8 41,4
Upper thigh 28,6 29,2 29,8 30,4 31 31,6 32,2 33,4 34,6
Knee width 19,8 20,1 20,4 20,7 21 21,3 21,6 21,9 22,2
Leg opening 16,8 17,1 17,4 17,7 18 18,3 18,6 18,9 19,2
Grivec Bros. jeans are standard available in 32" and 34" length. All measurements are in cm.

The most important measures for choosing the correct size are: waist and length.

Next to these measures we provide various other measures in our sizing table that you might find important. This document shows how to measure the sizing with one of your existing pants.






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100% Craftmanship

Every pair of jeans is handcrafted in our own atelier in Chevremont, the Netherlands. We use machines that are more than 60 years old, and refuse to compromise to anything less to perfection in our jeans.



The Hower Washed Comfort Stretch is made for men, but fits for women, yes it can!

Customer Reviews

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Kai Marx
Hower black black

The Hower general fits great for more skinny to usual body types. I just love it and specially the deeper front pockets are great for bigger mobile phones for example. The black black is a little more elegant and can be worn with a lot of colour. I am very pleased and satisfied with the jeans and with the excellent service and friendly contact.

Stephan Niemeyer
Such a great jeans for live !

I’am really happy about my new black jeans, normally I don’t like black jeans, only blue, old , used and vintage, since I was a skateboard kid more than 30 years ago, jeans lover !
Your black jeans is like a great leather pants , long time , perhaps for live. The only thing is that it is a little bit tight, but the best black jeans I ever had. Also the details and the quality! Thanks , guys. I want to say more , can’t now. I do with my next order ! Please se d me a mail Adresse. Be healthy, I hope we stay in contact, I have a special Wisch my hole live to find a jeans like my wish how it looks. But at least , you’re friendly , nice sending and when I come to holland , hope I can visit you. Kind regards , steff

jo Paffen

Zoals gewend, een lekker zittende broek.

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