Japanese Chambray - explaining the magic

Japanese Chambray - explaining the magic

From the moment we decided to develop our Grivec Bros collection, one thing was never under discussion. We only develop styles from the most special fabrics you will find worldwide, in the highest possible quality. We do not create what we do not love.

This is true also for our Chino and Worker Shirts made of chambray fabric. Actually you have to feel and wear this high-end fabric that is so widely beloved. Nevertheless let us try to explain here what is so beautiful about it.

What is Chambray fabric?

We can trace back Chambray somewhere to the mid-1500s, and it's name derives from “cambric,” from the French town of Cambrai. “Chambray” is the English spelling of Cambrai.

Our chambray is 100% cotton, so it keeps much cooler. Chambray often comes in a higher thread count, which means it’s a finer weave and a more breathable fabric. Compared to denim it has a very similar weave: a blue warp and a white weft woven together. But chambray is the opposite if it comes to how it feels: lightweight and airy with a softer feel.

So it has a similar look to denim, but without feeling weighed down.

Why Japanese?

As with denim, the best chambray fabric comes from Japan.

Our Chambray Chino is woven and indigo dyed in Japan; this chambray simply is the best money can buy. It is made in small batches on shuttle looms, a technique pioneered in America and perfected by Japanese mills that creates the slightly uneven weave that gives this light indigo chambray incredible visual texture.

Nice to know: according to the Japanese Mill we sourced our fabric from, they never had a customer like us using such high quality (13oz) for their Chino. 

Indigo Dyed - part of the magic

Indigo is a 100% natural ancient dye, sold as a striking and bold blue crystalline powder. Eventually, the demand for indigo outstripped supply and a cheaper synthetic alternative was developed. However, there is no more magical blue as indigo, which is considered the real deal amongst denim lovers.

Our Locker Japanese Chambray

Our Locker Japanese Chambray is produced in Italy and has become on of the most popular items. Instead of promoting it, let us quote some of our customers:

"..these Chino's are so comfy... I just love the design, fit and the chambray is awesome. Worth ever single euro :-)" - Gerard Moonen

"Great fabric (heavy chambray) and craftsmanship. Must have." - Marcel van der Kooij

"These pants are instantly my favorite!! Depth of fabric look, comfy to the max, nice different looking cut are aspects you see nowhere else. You will NOT regret buying this piece." - Lennie


Keeping it clean

Because our chambray is 100% cotton, it will soften well with every wash cycle. To avoid shrinkage, wash with cold water and tumble dry on the low setting. It will be easy to remove stains from, and it releases odor more easily in the wash.

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